About the Salado Wine Seller & Salado Winery Company
The Salado Wine Seller sells Texas wines by the taste, glass, bottle or case and is co-located with Salado Winery Company who obviously makes Texas Wines.  They feature wines from over 20 different Texas wineries and have a large indoor space that features an art exhibit which rotates monthly.  There is occassionally live music.  With a large porch and park-like setting,  special events include Chocolate &  Wine Weekend, Texas cheese, Texas Wine & Rogue Art Fest, and other music performances.  Party room available for private events.  Located 1/4 mile from I-35, exit 285 at 841 N. Main St., Salado, TX, (254) 947-8011, www.saladowine.com.

46th Annual Salado Art Fair

The 46th annual Salado Art Fair is October 27-28, 2012. Over the years, many nationally recognized Texas artists have participated in the event, including George Boutwell, B. Herd, and Ron Wells.  The Salado Art Fair is a Salado Chamber of Commerce event that brings over 5,000 arts enthusiasts and visitors to the community each year.  For more information about the annual Salado Art Fair, see www.salado.com.

About the Village of Salado

“Artfully Yours”, the Village of Salado  features 30 public sculptures, and numerous historic artifacts, 10 art galleries featuring renowned artists, both local, Texan and beyond. There are also performing arts venues and events in the form of stage productions promoting history and vaudeville as well as classical music. www.salado.com